Thursday, December 20, 2007

If this is Hawaii, you can keep it!

So the e-mail from Coach started out nice, track was closed tonight. We were running at the Boardwalk, which is a run that I really like. Then the closer, in big bold letters, followed by lots of exclamation points...

Hawaii sand intervals!!!!!!

And those three words made all the difference. 4 miles, 10 sprints in deep sand (give or take) and I can tell that I'm gonna be walking like and arthritic ex-football player tomorrow. Race specific training, yes, since Lavaman ends with a mile of trail and deep sand running. Fun? Not so much. Hawaii's gonna rule.

That's my rant for the day. Scripps Poway Parkway ride on Saturday. Prayers for rain on Friday night? I think so.

On the subject of Saturday, I wanted to post this little bit of verbal scattershot that came to me on the plane yesterday. It's called
Saturday Morning.

Standing. Arms folded
Sweating in the glacial sun.
Polarized. Wrapped.
Shielded tense tingling
The sound of waves.
The smell of pavement
of rubber and sweat.
Shivering, sweat becoming steam
Lenses fogged.
Breathing the daylight
Shaking away last night
Taut. Nervous.
Not ready at all.

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