Thursday, May 22, 2008

luxurious repl1ca bl0g p0st

Is there any word in the English language that needs to be stripped from the lexicon more than luxurious? And luxury? I mean, seriously, I've been updating the company spam filter for the last eight years and it keeps showing up tied to fake watches, knockoff purses and penis pills. Yeah, luxury penis pills. Apparently they're coated in gold-leaf velour or something.

I can't even see a luxury car ad on TV without wanting to sit up and shout "SPAM!" as I dive for the remote.

So there. We should all get together and ban the word luxury and all its spinoffs. It has outlived its utility.

And by the way, if the medical industry ever does try and go online, those cats are screwed. Nothing they can do will get them into the world's inboxes.

That's my random observation for the day.


ann marie said...

just don't take away my luxury pedicures from LuLu's!

Annie said...

Can we ban "luscious," too? It's being used in a Von's commercial (I believe in reference to produce).