Saturday, July 7, 2007

On the subject of masonry....

Brick /brik/ n. 1 a. block of fired or sundried clay, used in building. b similar block of concrete, etc. 2 brick-shaped solid object. 3 block, cube, chunk. v. tr. close, pave or block with bricks. adj. built of brick

So sayeth the Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus (American Edition). They conveniently left out the triathlon (or at least Team in Training triathlon) definition.

Brick /brik/ n. 1 A workout comprised of two of the sports making up triathlon, specifically cycling and running.

The brick workout is interesting. It's essentially a way to let you feel what it's like to hop off your bike after a ride (minimum, race distance) and start running. Sounds simple. It isn't. Try it, but don't ask me for a band-aid if you fall and break something. The first time you try it, it's a little like having a couple of shots of tequila, closing your eyes and shaking your head really hard, then trying to walk on a balance beam. Your legs won't do what you tell them to. This is because they know you are insane. You should stop. Sit down. Have a stretch, maybe a pretzel. Not go charging off to run a couple of miles.

Even so, when you're done, it feels kind of good.

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