Monday, July 2, 2007

What's happening to me?

This whole tri thing is getting under my skin. We're coming up on recommitment time, which for anyone who hasn't done TNT, is the time when we have to put up or shut up. This is the last chance to pull the ripcord and bail out, because from here on in we're on the hook.

(Which reminds me, anyone have rich friends or inroads at benevolent corporations? I could use a little help.)

I knew as soon as I got my first donation that I was going to finish this thing, but that's really all I was planning on doing. Turns out that just finishing is kind of like just taking one breath, or just eating one potato chip. Can't be done. Once you're in, you're in deep. some examples:

  • A couple of weeks ago I went to New Mexico on business. I was scheduled to get back at about 11PM. We wound up on a flight that got in about three hours earlier. My first thought? "Now I have time to practice tire changes."
  • I had lunch with some friends (not TNT or tri people) and as I was reading the menu, I found myself wondering which items might be good on race morning. Never mind that the race is 2 months away and nothing on that menu will even be an option.
  • I know the day of the week by the scheduled workout.
  • I just bought a 24-pack of Gu.
It's funny, but I don't remember drinking any kool-aid at my info meeting. Somebody must have spiked my water bottle....

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