Monday, September 1, 2008

What keeps me up at night?

The Lee Majors Bionic Rechargeable Hearing Aid. You heard that right. I just saw the commercial for it on the History Channel. And guess what!!!!!

It won't cost you six million dollars!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!

I'm going to go vomit.


ann marie said...

I thought everything kept you up at night.

Shasta said...

I was in the hospital with a blood clot in my lung in 2003. I had a shared room, and the roommate's TV was on all night. It was my first experience with dead-of-night infomercials, and I was shocked and dismayed. The best one was for a penis-enlargement pill, but they wouldn't say the word penis. It was all about "masculine enhancement," and featured a panel of scantily clad women who giggled and talked about how size really does matter. *shudder* I'm sure it set back my recovery by at least a day.

Paul Anderson said...

The bionic man never had an ear implant; it was eye, arm, and 2 legs. That's why this thing doesn't cost $6 million.

Jamie Summers had the ear thing, but I think she is generally referred to as The Bionic woman, not the $6 million woman.