Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Tell Me...

I had the first couple of lines of this in my head as I went to sleep last night. Didn't know what else to do with it, so I stuck it here.

If I could take the tape from my eyelids
Blink them wet so I can see
Pull the bandage off my mouth
Part my teeth and breathe

I’d walk. I’d run.
I’d scream and howl
Until the air went cold
And the sun went down

I’d close my coat up tightly
Turn my shoulders to the wind
Take one step into the gale
And do it all again

I’d see lights on the horizon
The silhouette of home
I’d shuffle and stumble and grit my teeth
Until I reached the road


Ben said...

you feel trapped. that's the obvious answer. but my brain isn't working well enough right now to think of anything deeper.

ann marie said...

ryry, do you turn into a warewolf when the moon is full?

seeryanrun said...

that would explain why i keep waking up naked in fields...

Ben said...

Ryan naked in a field with a bag of cheetos... that's an image I want in my mind. I need a drink.

seeryanrun said...

Just curious, how did you know about the cheetos?

Ben said...

remember that night in college?